Frequently asked questions

Ace Card House is a private social club providing Members amenities

and activities including poker, and sports lounges.

Can minors under 21 years old enter the club?

















No, only members ages 21 and older are allow into the club. Minors are not allow.

How are my hourly seat rental calculated?





Seat rental are pro-rated in 30 minutes increment for cash games and flat rate for tournament games. Sales tax is included in the hourly rate.




What amenities are available to members?






Membership amenities include:

* Rake & Tip FREE
* 100% Payouts
* Patrolled Security Inside & Outside
* Multiple Flat Screen TV’s
* Cable w/ Sport Package
* Wireless Internet
* Full Size Poker Tables
* Lounge Area

What are the membership fees and dues?






Ace Card House have 3 different types of membership: Daily $10.00, Monthly $30.00 and Yearly $200.00. All members will be required to rent their seat ($8.00/hr for cash games and flat fee for tournament games) to participate in the card games.

Membership dues must be current at all times for members to use the club facilities. Club seating are due at the close each session when a member check out. Member failing to check out when leaving will be charged the entirety of the remainder of the club operating hours for that day, all promotion will be forfeited. Unpaid balances must be cleared before a member can check in and use the club facilities again.






Can I bring a friend or significant other with me to watch?






Ace Card House is not open to the public. If a friend or significant other wants to be in the building and not participate in any events, he or she will be required to apply for a daily membership for $10.00.

Can a membership be revoked?

Members may be banned for violating club rules, breaches of etiquette, non-payment of dues or fees or other reasons at any times. The length of the ban is dependent upon the offense and is determined by the Club Membership Committee but will consist of at least one year.

Is food allowed in the club?

Members may bring in food or have food delivered.

Do you serve alcohol?


No, we do not. Members are welcome to BYOB.


Is firearm or weapon allowed in the club?


Ace Card House does not permit firearms or any other weapons in the club. The club post Texas Penal Code compliant 30.06 and 30.07 signs prohibiting the carry of concealed and/or open carry firearms.


Do you allow smoking in your private club?


We are a smoking and vaping FREE at our tables and inside the club.

What types of Cash and Tournament Games do you offer?














We have daily cash games and poker tournament.

Please refer to our game-schedule page.


















Any other questions? Please Contact Us

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